The Amateur Radio Public Service Corps is a cooperative alliance of the following Amateur Radio volunteer Public Service groups:

The mission of the St. Clair County ARPSC is to coordinate the public service activities of the above groups and to facilitate their goals of providing Emergency, Health/Welfare, and Public Service Auxiliary Communications for the citizens of St Clair County. Our principal client and partner in this endeavor is the St. Clair County Office of Homeland Security/Emergency Management. Other agencies ARPSC serves include the National Weather Service, local and state municipalities and other county departments.

We have been focusing our efforts in two areas; training radio operators and improving and expanding radio systems. The training is accomplished using the ARES training and certification courses and in house training sessions. The expanded radio systems include newly implemented digital and packet systems designed to give vhf and hf access for out- county message delivery.

Future projects include an Amateur Radio Emergency Digital Radio Network or AREDN “mesh” network throughout the county. A virtual ham radio based internet system.

This will facilitate almost instantaneous transfer of emergency message traffic between the Emergency Operations Center, Emergency Communication Centers, Hospitals and Shelters using point to point microwave nodes.