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Welcome to SB Research Group!

EEL spans over a broad range of Molecular Optoelectronics based on emerging optoelectronic/photonic/energy materials including graphene, organic, polymeric, and organic-inorganic hybrid Semiconductors. Utilizing the chemical versatility of those materials, our primary focus has been the ground state engineering of their nano/micro-structures and the Excited State Engineering of their ultrafast dynamics. Ultimately, the goal is to overcome the predominant non-ideality of the materials and reach toward their theoretical limits. By doing so, we can realize a highly functioning material platform that can generate predictable, transferrable, reliable, and homogeneous properties. We believe it will have a great impact on future electronics such as solar cells, light emitting diodes, photosensors, optical switching and optoelectronic computing.

News & Notices

  • 2022.03.01. EELab. will be open for recruits: graduate students

  • 2022.03.01. EELab. @ School of Chem. Eng., SKKU will be open!

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Recent publications

  • "Dilution Effect Enabled Highly Efficient Multiple-Component Organic Solar Cells" by Sae Byeok Jo,† Alex K.-Y. Jen* and coworkers, Nature Nanotechnology, 2021 (In press)

  • "A General Chelation Route for Eco-friendly 3D printing of Metals" by Sae Byeok Jo*, Jeong Ho Cho* coworkers, Nature Communications, 2021 (In press)

  • "Monolithic Tandem Multicolor Image Sensor Based on Electrochromic Color-Radix Demultiplexing" by Young Jin Choi, Sae Byeok Jo*, Jeong Ho Cho* Advanced Materials, 2021, 2102725, DOI: 10.1002/adma.202102725

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We are now open for new recruits!

( Contact Prof. Jo by sbjo/at/skku.edu )

성균관대학교 분자광전자 연구실에서 2022학년도 1학기 석/박사 신입생학부연구생을 모집합니다.

차세대 반도체 재료, 물리 및 소자 기술에 관심있는 열정적인 학생들의 많은 지원 바랍니다.

Excitonic Engineering Lab.

SB Research Group @ SKKU