Excitonic Engineering Lab.

SB Research Group @ SKKU

Welcome to EXcitonic ENgineering Lab. @ SKKU! 

XNL@SKKU spans two fields of study: 1) Molecular Semiconductors and 2) Optoelectronic Devices. In specific, our aims are to explore the grounds-breaking Molecule-level Design of Ideal Electronic Materials and Architectural Design of De Novo Photonic, Energy & Electronic Devices. To this end, our research is based on nanophysical and photophysical engineering, i.e. the Excitonic Engineering, of emerging optoelectronic molecular systems, comprising a broad range of optoelectronic/ photonic/ energy materials such as organic, polymeric, and organic-inorganic hybrid and low-dimensional semiconductors. Utilizing the chemical versatility of those materials, our primary focus has been the ground state engineering of their nano/micro-structures and the excited state engineering of their ultrafast dynamics. Ultimately, the goal is to overcome the predominant non-ideality of the materials and reach toward their theoretical limits. By doing so, we can realize a highly functioning material platform that can generate predictable, transferrable, reliable, and homogeneous properties. We believe it will have a great impact on future electronics such as solar cells, light emitting diodes, photosensors, optical switching and optoelectronic computing. If you are interested in advancing science and technology of molecular optoelectronics,  Join US in the adventure!