Please read these terms & conditions carefully before paying for your yard greeting. You should understand that by ordering any of our products, you agree to be bound by these terms & conditions.


  1. PAYMENT. Payment is due at time of booking and must be paid in full before delivery of signage.

  2. CANCELLATION. In the event that you need to cancel your order prior to the day of delivery, we reserve the right to refund 1⁄2 of your payment or you have the option to reschedule for the full value paid. Cancellations made the day of scheduled delivery may not receive a refund.

  3. RUSH ORDERS. Rush and same day orders will be accommodated with the following conditions:

    • Based on available inventory

    • Rush fee may apply

  4. INCLEMENT WEATHER. We will not be able to deliver your sign greeting if there is lightning or other hazardous weather conditions that prevent set up and or take down. In the event of prohibitive weather or inclement weather, if we are unable to reschedule the greeting a refund will be honored.

  5. REFUND POLICY. We will not refund payment if the homeowner requests greeting to be removed. We will not refund payment for errors that occur on order submission.

  6. The greetings are typically delivered before 7:00 a.m. the day of your desired date unless other arrangements have been made with the owner. Pick-ups will begin after 9:00 p.m.. All prices include delivery, set up and take down of the yard greeting..

  7. All yard greetings are meant to be pleasant celebrations. Please remember to:

    • notify the homeowner that they will be receiving the greeting within 24 hours so that they can make arrangements.

    • Homeowners need to turn off their Sprinkler Systems and notify Yard Service Companies for the duration of the yard greeting.

    • Please don’t blow grass clippings at the signage.

    • If the signs are removed by a Yard Service Compay or anybody else, it is the responsibility of the homeowner to ensure the safe keeping of the signage. Depending on other service commitments, Say It With Lelo may be able to restake the signs, but with a minimum $25 reinstallation fee.

    • It is best if the night before you are due to receive the signage, you cut your grass and water the lawn. The signs look the best on well manicured, cut lawn free of debris.

  8. All signs remain Say It With Lelo’s property. Any damage, destruction or tampering with the signs is prohibited. Signs should not be moved without consent. You are responsible for replacement of the graphic, letter or stake at full replacement value if damaged on your property.

  9. Say It With Lelo reserves the right to politely decline orders that are political, controversial, lewd, disrespectful or that do not fit the celebratory nature of our business.

  10. Photos. By placing an order with Say It With Lelo, you automatically give consent for us to use photos of your lawn display for advertising purposes, without compensation, including but not limited to Say It With Lelo's website and other social media outlets. If this creates an issue, please let us know prior to placing your order.

  11. The signage is placed using metal stakes. Care should be taken around the display by a responsible adult so as to prevent injury from falling into the display or onto the stakes. Any injuries are the responsibilty of the homeowner where the display is staked.

By placing an order with Say It With Lelo you agree to all the above listed Terms and Conditions.

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