Welcome to the Saskatoon Choral Society

The Saskatoon Choral Society is one of Saskatoon's longest lived choral organizations now in it's 60th year. We are a non-audition SATB choir made up of people who share a love of singing. Some of us read music and some of us don't. Together we make it work. Our extensive musical repertoire includes folk songs, spirituals, Broadway medleys, operettas, sacred and secular, standard and contemporary selections arranged in two, three, four and five part choral harmonies. Everyone welcome!


After consultation with the retiring Executive and the most recent choral membership, it was determined that there were not enough interested individuals to reestablish rehearsals this fall (2022). The choir currently has only one Executive member, that being the position of Treasurer.

The choir cannot continue without a President and Secretary. Other vacant ancillary positions necessary to the functioning of SCS also need to be filled.

The remaining supporting members will revisit this issue next summer (2023) and determine whether or not SCS is viable. The choir needs a base membership of 20 to 25 people in order to meet its financial responsibilities and it needs volunteers to fill the Executive and ancillary positions.

Please contact the SCS by email, yxe.choral@gmail.com, should you be interested in joining the choir and filling the following vacancies:

  • President

  • Vice President

  • Secretary

  • Accompanist

  • Music Librarian

  • Archivist

  • Social Organizers

  • Soprano Rep

  • Alto Rep

  • Tenor/Bass Rep