Welcome to the Saskatoon Choral Society

The Saskatoon Choral Society is one of Saskatoon's longest lived choral organizations now in it's 60th year. We are a non-audition SATB choir made up of people who share a love of singing. Some of us read music and some of us don't. Together we make it work. Our extensive musical repertoire includes folk songs, spirituals, Broadway medleys, operettas, sacred and secular, standard and contemporary selections arranged in two, three, four and five part choral harmonies. Everyone welcome!


covid-19 UPDATE

Hello Saskatoon Choral Society,

The Executive committee has conferred via email and come to the follow decisions.

Our remaining spring semester rehearsals and concert for 2020 will be canceled. Your memberships for this semester will be rolled over to the next semester that we feel is safe to hold, hopefully that is the fall semester for 2020. All advertising fees will be rolled over as well.

The music selection for this concert was all from our personal library so there is no rush to return music to the choral federation. We will be announcing how we will be retrieving the sheet music and folders when we have a safe and easy way to do so. Until that time please feel free to sing as much of it as you like.

The AGM will be held once it is deemed safe to do so, which we hope will be in the fall. More details about that will be announced when we have more information.

Thank you again for being a wonderful group of people, and I look forward to seeing you all again in person as soon as we can. Until then I ask that you please try to keep in contact with other members of the choir. This is a time that we should all be staying away from close contact with anyone we do not live with, and that can be trying. Call, or email regularly with those you know. Try to check in with each other, and we'll get through this together.

Keep singing as much as you can, even if it's only in your hearts or your showers.

-Andrew Deobald

A quick summary of Covid-19,

It causes an upper respiratory infection that may lead to pneumonia. The symptoms to watch for are a cough, trouble breathing, fever. The best means of preventing it's spread are washing your hands often and thoroughly, not touching your face unless you have just cleaned your hands, staying away from large groups of people, and quarantining yourself if you suspect you may have contracted it. If you have questions about symptoms you may be experiencing please call 811 (the healthline), and do not just go to the hospital unless it is an absolute emergency without having called first. If you feel you need to visit your doctor and have any symptoms that may be caused by Covid-19 please call ahead and the office advise you further.

If you are worried about supplies what you should have on hand is what food and prescription medicine you need for two weeks of isolation. Facial tissue, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, cough medication of choice, and a decongestant of choice are all good to have on hand but you do not require exorbitant amounts. There is no reason to stock up on toilet paper or bottled water.

Let us all see this as an opportunity to demonstrate compassion and understanding with each other, and not as a reason to panic. We very much hope that we can look back on this and see that we did the best we could.