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See Playlists for all topics in Physics, Chemistry and Biology at GCSE or A-level

GCSE Sciences Video Playlists

To help revision, we recommend that while you watch videos, you do something with the information. Retrieval practice has been shown to improve long-term retention of information. You could:

  • summarise with bullet points
  • write questions to test yourself with later (e.g. on flashcards)
  • Write a summary at the end
  • Write your own exam questions (with a mark scheme) based on the topic.

You may then go back through the video checking what you recalled. correcting any errors and adding any omissions.

A-level Sciences Video Playlists

Useful revision video channels used in the above playlists

Primrose Kitten - Extensive GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics resources for AQA, Exdexcel and OCR gateway. Chemistry and some Biology A-level

FreeScienceLessons - Comprehensive set of videos for AQA GCSE Sciences - straight to the point, following the spec

MaChemGuy - Chemistry A-level and GCSE

Crash Course - Professional and wide range of subjects, including Biology and Physics aimed at approximately A-level but not linked to UK specs

SnapRevise - Good for A-level Biology and Chemistry

Science Shorts - Good set of videos for A-level Physics. Also some GCSE Physics and Chemistry.

Physics Online - A-level and GCSE Physics

Thanks for all of the great resources