SAH - Socially Aware Human

Strengthening relationships by infusing astute emotional intelligence

Ever had a difficult interaction with your spouse? Parents? teenager? Your Boss? Your employees? People, even the ones we know most intimately, ones we grow up with, are enigmas at best of times and aliens at worst. We as humans, think know ourselves well at all times. For any interaction with another human being, to be satisfying to all involved, needs more insights about the others than about oneself. This is more so in difficult situations and to overcome conflicts.

We could use some help to make a conscious choice on how best to be emotionally intelligent when we engage with others. The individual could be anyone - family, friend, colleague, boss or clients at work. Knowing who you are, your limitations and challenges as well as similar insights on the other’s that matter most to you, is enlightening, Remembering these insights and applying these at every interaction is crucial to building a lasting connection.

SAH: Self & Social awareness knowledge available at your fingertips and retrievable on-demand , anytime and anywhere! Sah makes it possible to enjoy daily interactions with those whom matter the most - irrespective of whether it is just a routine exchange or an interaction under extreme stress situations!

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