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Founded in 2014, Sarsu offers security solutions in the domain of Internet, Information Technology & Internet of Things. Sarsu's Business clients are Enterprises, SMB's and Startups, looking to fortify infrastructure & application security, irrespective of their physical footprint straddling any/all of on-prem, a private clouds and public cloud native applications.

In today's world, uninterrupted, 24*7 Internet has becoming a basic expectation, be it a residence or SMB or a global enterprise. Cloud first and more recently Cloud Only models of deployments, have erased traditional security perimeters. Commoditization of hardware and Internet of Things are redefining how users view their physical devices & infrastructures with security coming in as an afterthought! On the other hand, the spectrum of how a cyber asset could be breached has increased exponentially. Please find a list of recent oops in cyber security sphere here.

Our 2020 Portfolio focus is on (a) Internet Security (b) Social Networking and (c) Visual Effects.

Sarsu services (Serves): We conduct Internet Security Audits/Assessments, Providing recommendations as well as help our clients implement security solutions that are vendor neutral & unbiased. We provide this service for the whole stack (Infrastructure, Connectivity). Our team specializes in working with you closely to implement the recommendations/best practices to shore up security of your enterprise. We support two service models - a one time implementation (Build and Tranfer), as well as an ongoing operations (Build and Operate).

Sarsu Creatives (Creates) : We develop indigenous security software products for consumer segment. Our focus is on two verticals:

  • Security: Making IT/IOT deployments secure for consumers

  • Social Networking: Making Human interactions better

Pls stay tuned for more on this topic...

Sarsu Creatives (Entertains) : Since spring of 2020, We are also partnering with CreativeCupids Pty., Australia, we work on Visual Effects for Movies & Episodic!

Pls stay tuned for more on this topic...

If you would like to consider Sarsu & its portfolio for your needs, We would be happy to schedule a video chat with you to explore further.

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