Daniel trying on his cubscout uniform for the first time age 6.

The last time Daniel wore his cubscout uniform. Age: 10

My father, Jack Bayliss, 1945 age 15 rank First Class

Ezri is our snow dog. She loves to play in the snow. I'm pretty sure she has some husky in her, but her paws often betray her desire to sit in subzero temperatures.

Ruger on our bed. He stole Ezri's spot when he came to live with us.

Ezri and Ruger together Christmas 2016

Yeah - we're Scottish - a little. I'm wearing the modern MacNeil tartan. Daniel opted for the "ninja" grey watch that the castle guards wore to camaflouge themselves at night.

Do you like my kilt paired with the Monty Python Starry Night t-shirt and Chuck Taylor tennies?

These pictures were taken at the Waukesha Highland Games in 2016.

The hat that launched a thousand foxes

because they are so darn cute

Daniel is not afraid of cosplay

It's a plush microbe