How do You Like Me Now?

I'm in my late 40's currently and happily unemployed mom, wife, scouter, and student.

I am very, very, very involved in scouting. I am the pack trainer for Slinger Pack 3731, Assistant Scoutmaster for Troop 762, Kettle Country District Banquet Chair, Bay Lakes BALOO Course Director. I perform den leader training for the KC district thrice yearly and there's a rumor that I'm the council webelos STEM chick, but I'm not sure if that's the case.

My husband, Mike, and son Daniel. Mike and I were married in 1999 and Daniel was born in 2006. He is in 2nd grade in this picture and I'm a lot skinnier, which is the important part.

Our family loves board games. I'm not talking your father's board games. Nooooo, I'm talking Tabletop games: Pandemic, Munchkin, Forbidden Island, Ticket to Ride. Here Daniel and I are playing Munchkin. Again - I am much skinnier.

I'm the youngest of 8. That's right - 8! To be fair, there is a set of twins. I am 6 years younger than the next youngest #whoopsiedaisy. This picture was taken in 2005 at my parents 50th wedding anniversary. I was pregnant with Daniel at the time. There are now 19 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren. There's a cautionary tale in here somewhere.

Our dogs Ezri (yellow lab/german shepherd mix) and Ruger (black lab/german shepherd mix). Ruger recently passed away.


I defend the oxford comma, because without it people can sound like they are addressing inanimate objects or worse.

I love the Ren Faire and the cosplay that comes with it. Here I am in my steampunk pirate outfit.

I speak Spanish, but not French, even though I was a French major. I spent a year in Uruguay, a summer in Spain, and a semester in France.

The clan crest symbolizes the Nordic origins with the mountainous island landscape. The Gaelic means "Conquer or Die"

Clan MacNeil Tartan - modern colors

There's a likelihood that my mother's father's family came to this country from the Scottish Island of Barra (maiden name Barr) as many people scattered around the world from the island. It's no wonder that people cling to their heritage.