Sara Greig


De-escalation Skills 

Now more than ever it is important to teach workers de-escalation skills to peacefully resolve conflicts and enhance workplace safety. This eLearning course teaches the essential steps through a scenario-based learning experience. 

IT Services 

Large organizations often have multiple IT help services, which can be confusing and overwhelming, particularly for new employees. This eLearning course provides clear guidance on accessing technological support in a large organization. 

Community of Practice 

I find being part of a community of practice provides invaluable opportunities for professional growth, knowledge exchange, and staying up to date with evolving trends and best practices in the industry. Check out some of the presentations I've developed and facilitated. 

Teamwork Skills  

Students are frequently assigned to team projects without being equipped with effective teamwork skills. This eLearning course provides students with the foundational principles and strategies for working effectively on team projects. 

Identifying the Function of Behaviour 

​​This eLearning course guides users through a scenario-based experience where they learn how to identify the function of a student's behaviour. 

Entrepreneurship Modules

Interested in learning more about intellectual property? These eLearning modules which I worked on for the University of Toronto gives learners foundational knowledge about IP.