"Great quality juices! I’ve already recommended to my clients after trying them out!"

Amanda Hamilton - Nutritionist, broadcaster, writer.


“Absolutely love this juice! The perfect combination of nutritious ingredients and yummy taste. It’s full of life force and I felt so good after it.”

-Jen Gold- Reconnect to Self, The Yurt.


''I have tried Marije's lovely fruit juices and they're great, give her page a like and a follow and see what's she's up to and get hold of some of her fruit smoothies. (my fave is the raw organic Chocolate drink : )''

-Nadir Kahn- Photographer.


''I’ve had a few different juices and they taste AMAZING!! I would definitely recommend Marije’s sap juice!''

-Joyce Blansjaar-


''I have been very lucky to receive a 'Birthday Juice' especially made for me + some ginger shots for my Birthday from my wonderful friend Marije Pama at Sap Juice . I mean come on - my own Birthday juice- what a special Birthday present is that! I was able to drink the freshly extracted juice on my Birthday, delivered to my door by Marije- all that goodness going into my body felt so good! The ginger shots came frozen, so I could conveniently put them in the freezer and take one or two out whenever!

I dont know about you but I always find it harder through winter. Lately, feeling a bit more tired and sluggish, I enjoyed the Ginger shots so much, they are giving me an instant 'PING' buzz in the morning! I just have ordered my next batch of 30 to keep me going!

Check out her website to order your 'PING' buzz ginger shots and other healthy juices''.

-Pascale Woodhead-


''I have just finished the bullseye and a ginger shot......yum! feel like I have had my goodness intake for the day'' 💛 -Claire Hudson-


''Delicious boost to my system when suffering a head cold- positive these little shots were the help I needed to overcome it. Perfect they came frozen so I could use them at my convenience. Thank you!''

-Martha Middlemiss-