Santa Fe Model Railroad Club

Next SFMRRC Event

Next Meeting: August 10th

Meeting Time: 6:30 p.m.

Location: Eldorado Community Center, 1 Hacienda Loop. Located in the old depot building..

Presentation: Bob Dolci - documenting your railroad, rail trips, etc.

Host: Bill Stripe

Unless otherwise stated, meetings are held on the second Tuesdays of each month.


Old Las Vegas Highway or I-25N to US 285S

Turn right at Avenida De Amistad (first Eldorado light)

Continue to Hacienda Loop on the right

2021 Schedule TBD

Summerland, BC - Steam Train "O Come All Ye Faithful"

Train Shows - TBD


National Model Railroad Month



Christmas Train


Meeting dates for monthly meetings in 2021, second Tuesday of each month starting in July

Meetings start at 6:30 p.m.

Open to non-members

Minutes of the most recent meeting

Sante Fe Model RR Club Trainsactions

Instant Minutes of the July 13, 2021 SFMRRC meeting

1. Welcome. At 6:38 p.m. Tony Balano, executive committee member, welcomed everyone to the Eldorado Community Center after a 15-month hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We had 22 members present.

Balano thanked Dave Staples for hosting the meeting, and asked new members to introduce themselves.

Roland Pabst, originally from Switzerland, was our new member. He reported that he literally grew up in a train depot, and had Fleischmann trains followed by Marklin. He moved to Santa Fe in May 2020, and plans to become active in model trains again. All members said hello and welcome.

2. Bernie Brock’s passing. Balano asked for a moment of silence to remember Bernie Brock, a charter member of our Club who passed away in March 2021 at age 94.

3. No dues assessment for 2021. Balano announced that members in good standing from 2019 would not be assessed dues for 2021. Gary Lee added that anyone who joined in 2020 or 2021 was good until 2022 as well. A dues assessment for 2022 will be made this fall.

4. 2021 Holiday Bank Layout. Gary Lee has contacted the bank and asked for their plans. He has not heard back from them, but will circulate whatever he learns to the members.

5. Train Shows. Rodney Roof suggested that it is probably too late to put on a show in 2021, and that we should skip ahead to 2022, perhaps with a spring show. Gary Lee agreed.

Balano added that whatever we want to do, we need a Show Committee and a Show Manager to make it happen. The committee should be 3 to 5 members. Back at the Club’s last meeting in March 2020 we all agreed that without a committee and a Show Manager, there would simply be no show. That’s where things still stand. We need volunteers; if you’re ready to be one of them, contact an Executive Committee member.

Ed Williams has compiled a comprehensive Show Manual, with lists and checklists of everything that needs to be done. He’s also willing to help, but not to be Show Manager again. He noted that the most likely dates for el Museo to be available are Labor Day Weekend and Memorial Day weekend.

Bill Alexander asked about the status of the NM Railroad History Celebration that we have partnered with for our last two shows at el Museo. Williams responded that their first event was good, the second year was weak, and the effort appears to have been abandoned.

Gary Lee suggested that the Show Committee should investigate whether the building at the County Fairgrounds might be available to us.

6. Club Picnic for 2021. Roof suggested that there is still time to have a Club picnic, maybe in September. Here again, we need volunteers to organize the event and round up a caterer.

Bob Dolci suggested that as we transition out of stay-at-home back to business as usual, we all need more time. He suggested we should go easy for the next six months, and look to resume the Club’s normal activities in 2022. Bob Spude agreed.

The consensus of those present that this was a good approach. No show, no picnic, and no Club open houses for 2021, but we should all be thinking about making those events happen in 2022.

7. 2022 Open Houses. Ed Aneshensel, who has relocated to Connecticut, ran this event for the last two or three years. We need a volunteer to take this on, as well as Ed’s role as Meeting Coordinator.

8. Meeting hosts and programs. We need hosts for our monthly meetings. The job mostly entails picking up snacks and drinks at a grocery store, and showing up a few minutes early to set up the room. The Club reimburses snack and drink expenses. Please volunteer.

Bill Stripe said he and his wife would host our August meeting. Bob Dolci will organize presenters, and promised to start off with a presentation of his own. Contact Bob to sign up for September and beyond.

9. Club badges. Executive Committee promised to look into this.

10. Club Web site. Bob Dolci wants to retire as webmaster. The main problem with the Club’s web site is that I was built with now-obsolete Google software, and is difficult to update. Nothing was updated during Covid.

The site needs to be updated and provided with a simple process to make monthly updates.

Ed Williams said his son is the digital marketing manager at Hutton Broadcasting, and may be able to suggest a vender for our web site.

Dave Staples said the NM Pilot’s Association site is maintained on Club Express, and seems to work well. He will check into this and report specifics.

Dolci asked how much the Club is willing to spend to build and maintain the web site? Balano replied that to answer that we would need some sense of overall costs. Dolci said that he maintains three other web sites for $125 a year, and they take only an hour a month to update. He added that he could build a new site for about $150 and turn it over to a new Club web master for monthly maintenance.

Neil Wenthe suggested that we put together a proposal listing what we want the web site to do, and circulate it to venders.

11. Club brochure. Hayden reported that Bill Dunning had done some preliminary work on this in 2019. He promised to re-start the project in 2022. Much of the content should be repeated on the Club web site.

12. Club excursion. Vic Thomas started work in 2020 on a member excursion on the NM Rail Runner. This should be on the list of things to re-start in 2022.

13. Comp. membership for Bill McSweeney. The executive Committee recommends a complimentary membership for Bill McSweeney for 2022. Bill stores the Club’s two trailers (full of Show stuff) on his property. Passed by a show of hands; none against.

14. Comments and questions for the good of the Club.

a. Bill Alexander reported that the Pike’s Peak Cog Railway has been extensively rebuilt and is opening now.

b. Ed Williams asked for progress reports on the Legal Tender restaurant and the Santa Fe Southern.

Bob Spude said the SFS is repainting equipment at Lamy, some with fanciful schemes. He sent photos to the Club e-mail list last month. SFS is also spending a lot of money to rehab track and bridges.

Gary Lee reported that Erich Brock, who works for SFS, said the Legal Tender was set to open in about a month. No word on when train would start to run.

c. Member list. Neil Wenthe asked for an updated member list. Hayden said he would ask Treasurer Jeff Taylor to update the list so he can forward it to all members.

d. Santa Fe depot layout, NM History Museum layout. Phil Haworth asked whether the HO/HOn3 layout in the Tourism Department building was OK? A recent newspaper article said the depot was to undergo a major renovation. No news.

Ed Wiliiams asked if there was any news on the NM History Museum layout, which the Club built at Lamy and dismantled. The last anybody knew it was in storage at the History Museum. Nothing new to report.

e. Scenic Express relocates. Dick Haber reported that Scenic Express, maker and distributor of model railroad scenic supplies, has announced a move from suburban Pittsburgh to rural Colorado.

f. Painting AT&SF 5030. Dave Staples reported that Rick Martinez, who has painted and maintained the caboose at the corner of St. Francis and Cerrillos, wants to mount an effort to repaint AT&SF 2-10-4 No. 5030 in Salvador Perez park. Martinez has asked if the Club would be interested? Ed Williams added that the last time the locomotive was repainted, Bernie Brock was on the crew.

g. New officers. Tony Balano concluded the meeting by reporting that the current slate of officers has agreed to stay on for 2021. He noted that while the Club has limped along with a three-person Executive Committee in lieu of president and vice-presidents, our by-laws require that those positions be filled. Candidates wanted.

The meeting adjourned at 7:38 p.m.

Next meeting: Tuesday, August 10, 2021, 6:30 p.m. at the Eldorado Community Center.

HOSTS NEEDED for the September meeting and beyond. PLEASE VOLUNTEER!

Submitted by Bob Hayden, secretary