Santa Fe Model Railroad Club

Next SFMRRC Event

Next Meeting: Tuesday November 12th

Meeting Time: 6:30 p.m.

Location: Eldorado Community Center, 1 Hacienda Loop. Located in the old depot building..

Presentation TBD

Hosts Karen Sloan and Tony Balano

Unless otherwise stated, meetinhgs are held on the second Tuesdays of each month.


Old Las Vegas Highway or I-25N to US 285S
Turn right at Avenida De Amistad (first Eldorado light)
Continue to Hacienda Loop on the right

2019 Schedule

Winter Train Shows 
National Model Railroad Month 
Open House events in Santa Fe

The 2019 Holiday Trains 
First National Bank 1870
Main Office on the Plaza

Meeting dates for monthly meetings in 2019

Second Tuesday of Each month unless otherwise stated

Meetings start at 6:30 p.m. 
Open to non-members

Holiday Party

December 7th at Bourbon Grill at El Gancho, 104 Old Las Vegas Hwy.

Time: 5:00 Happy Hour, 6:00 Dinner

Cost: Members and one guest: $25 per person. Additional guests: $35 per person.

Menu: Choice of NY strip steak, Grilled salmon, or roasted chicken

Forms to sign up and make menu selections are available from Gary and will be e-mailed to all members in the coming week. See form at bottom of page.

Minutes of the most recent meeting

Trainsactions November 8th, 2019

1. Welcome. Dick Haber, executive committee member, welcomed everyone to the Eldorado Community Center, the former AT&SF Kennedy, NM depot, in Eldorado. We had 17 members present.

Haber thanked Fran and Henry Day for hosting the September meeting. The victuals included homemade tuna salad and fresh croissants (some assembly required). Haber also thanked Neil Wenthe for this month’s presentation.

2. Reports on Club activities.

a. November 2 Open Houses. Open House chairman Ed Aneshensel was unable to attend. Haber asked members for information about the Saturday event.

So far, three members have signed up their layouts: Rodney Roof, Bob Hayden, and Henry Day, all in or near Eldorado.

Event will start with an optional breakfast at Cafe Fina, near Exit 290 on I-25. Layout visits will follow, with a schedule to come via e-mail.

Lunch, again optional, will be at Joe’s Dining at the junction of Rodeo and Zia roads in Santa Fe. If more layouts become available, visits will be after lunch.

b. Treasurer’s Report; 2020 Dues. Treasurer Gary Lee provided printouts of his current ledger sheet to all members who wanted one. The Club is solvent, with a current cash balance of $1,443.75 and $2,100 in CDs that mature in 2020.

2020 DUES! Treasurer Lee announced that 2020 dues collection has begun. Deadline is December 31, 2019.

2020 dues paid by the 12/31/2019 deadline: $30

2020 dues after deadline: $40

Mail your check to Gary Lee at 14 Loma Blanca, Santa Fe, NM 87506.

c. December 7 Holiday Party. Gary Lee reported on the details of this year’s Holiday Party.

Place: Bourbon Grill at El Gancho, 104 Old Las Vegas Hwy.

Time: 5:00 Happy Hour, 6:00 Dinner

Cost: Members and one guest: $25 per person. Additional guests: $35 per person.

Menu: Choice of NY strip steak, Grilled salmon, or roasted chicken

Forms to sign up and make menu selections are available from Gary and will be e-mailed to all members in the coming week.

d. 2019 1870 Bank Holiday Trains. Gary Lee reported on a recent meeting with a representative of the bank. No schedule has been set, but Gary expects the same general schedule as last year: setup and breakdown on Saturdays, with three weeks of operation in between.

Neil Wenthe asked whether the bank will provide labor for moving the heavy and bulky layout sections during setup and breakdown? Gary responded that this help has bee requested from the bank.

e. 2019 Train Show and Show Committee. Haber asked the members for feedback on the 2019 Tain Show at el Museo Cultural. How did it go? What were the high and low points?

Bob Spude said it was a great show, that the HO setup ran well, and that staffing the layouts using a sign-up procedure worked well. He added that the city vetoed arrangements made for parking at the last minute, which left club members high and dry.

Henry Day reported that setup on Thursday involved moving a lot of heavy stuff, especially the platforms for the O scale layout. This is hard work and many of the pieces are too heavy for members to handle easily.

Phil Haworth agreed with Henry that there was a lot of heavy stuff, including banquet tables owned by el Museo. He added that he was concerned by the behavior of the Saturday night beer drinking crowd at the Violet Crown. Operating the trains on Saturday evening may not be a good idea.

Neil Wenthe agreed on the heavy tables and stressed that something needs to be done for parking in the future.

Bob Dolci noted that having the show on Labor Day weekend coincides with four national model railroad conventions. If another weekend becomes available, it is worth considering.

Karen Sloan concluded the feedback by reporting that the 2019 was a lot better than 2018, with great turnout and lots of kids learning about model railroads.

Haber added that with Ed Williams and Dave Staples stepping down as show managers, the Club needs to reorganize the Show Committee with 5 or 6 members, perhaps with two co-chairs. Neil Wenthe volunteered to be a committee member.

f. Estate Committee report. Bob Hayden reported that the Club now owns two four-wheel trailers, mostly filled with Show equipment. Bill McSweeney is storing the trailers for us, and Gary Lee has the titles. The 2-wheel trailer has been sold to Tony Balano, so it’s still in the family. The Estate Committee will meet on October 17 to select 20 items for a Silent Auction at the November 12 meeting.

g. Club web site. Webmaster Bob Dolci reported that a series of progress photos showing construction of the HO/HOn3 display layout in the Railyard Tourism Center is available for viewing on the web site. Look under the “Community” tab. It’s worth a visit.

3. Executive Committee, elections. Haber briefly recapped how the Club is currently being run. When no one stepped forward to serve as President and Vice President, Club members agreed to the establishment of a 3-person Executive Committee to operate in their stead. That committee now consists of Tony Balano, Dick Haber, and Rodney Roof. Gary Lee serves as Treasurer and Bob Hayden is Secretary.

The Club By-Laws call for election of officers at the November meeting. Haber asked the members if the current arrangement is working and suggested that we replace one member of the exec. comm. each year. As the longest-serving member, Haber would drop off January 1, 2020, to be replaced by a new member. Bob Dolci volunteered to re-draft the by-laws when we deem that necessary.

Haber added that the goal of the exec. comm. from day one has been to spread the effort of running the Club among all the members, so that no one person has to spend a lot of time on it. The Executive Committee duties consist of one enjoyable lunch meeting per month, mainly to set the agenda for the Club meeting. This is followed up by a few phone calls to gather information and ask Club members to get things done.

If you would consider serving as the new exec. comm member, contact Haber, Balano, Roof, or Hayden to discuss the job.

4. Coming railroad and model railroad events. Haber reported on two non-Club events in the coming weeks. Both were circulated to the members via e-mail earlier.

Fred Harvey weekend, Oct. 25-28, 2019

NMRA Rails Along the Rio Grande Show, Nov. 23-24 in Albuquerque

5. Meeting Hosts needed. Haber passed along a request from Ed Aneshensel for hosts for future meetings. A 20-minute trip to the grocery store is all that’s required, and the Club ponies up $50 for snacks and drinks. The Eldorado Community Center even has an ice machine on site. Volunteer, please: Ed’s e-mail is Karen Sloan and Tony Balano will host the November meeting, the December meeting is the Holiday Party, so we need hosts for January 2020 and beyond.

6. Children’s Museum program. John Harnisch and Steve Meyer were not present.

7. Next meeting: Tuesday, November 12, 2019 at the Eldorado Community Center. Hosts Karen Sloan and Tony Balano

8. Other business. Haber asked for questions, comments, and ideas for the good of the Club.

Henry Day reported that the Legal Tender is now open from 5:30 - 9:00 p.m. on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. He dined there recently and said that the food was good and the place was crowded. Reservations are a must.

The business meeting was over at 7:13 p.m.

Presentation: Neil Wenthe presented a 45-minute talk with slide show and video clips about building his bedroom-sized HO layout in Connecticut. The project was 18 years from start to finish, and we learned that Neil enjoyed every minute.

Thank You Neil!

HOSTS NEEDED for the January meeting and beyond. PLEASE VOLUNTEER!

Submitted by Bob Hayden, secretary