Santa Fe Model Railroad Club

Next SFMRRC Event

Next Meeting: There will be no meetings or events scheduled during the remainder of 2021

Meeting Time: TBD

Location: Eldorado Community Center, 1 Hacienda Loop. Located in the old depot building..



Unless otherwise stated, meetings are held on the second Tuesdays of each month.


Old Las Vegas Highway or I-25N to US 285S

Turn right at Avenida De Amistad (first Eldorado light)

Continue to Hacienda Loop on the right

2021 Schedule TBD

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the SFMRR leadership committee has not schedule any public events for 2021. Monthly club meetings will not take place as scheduled as long as the committee feels that it is not safe to do so. If the pandemic improves significantly between now and the end of the year, public events may be scheduled.

Train Shows - TBD


National Model Railroad Month

No event scheduled


Christmas Train

Not currently scheduled

Meeting dates for monthly meetings in 2021, second Tuesday of each month starting in July

Meetings start at 6:30 p.m.

Open to non-members

Minutes of the most recent meeting

Santa Fe Model RR Club Trainsactions

Instant Minutes of the August 10, 2021 SFMRRC meeting

1. Welcome. At 6:34 p.m. Rodney Roof, executive committee member, welcomed everyone to the Eldorado Community Center for our second meeting after the Covid-19 pandemic. We had 17 members present.

Roof thanked Bill Stripe and his wife for hosting the meeting, and Bob Dolci for volunteering a presentation. He asked new members to introduce themselves.

Jeff Gust recently moved to Santa Fe to start a custom distillery. He models in O scale narrow gauge – On3 – and is thinking about having some outdoor trackage. He is also interested in prototypical operations. All members welcomed him aboard.

2. Ed Aneshensel. Ed recently moved to Connecticut after several years of volunteering for almost anything the Club needed done. A couple of weeks ago he reported that his latest (of many) foot surgery improved his situation. Good luck, Ed!

3. 2021 Holiday Bank Layout. Gary Lee has contacted the bank and asked for their plans. They feel that, given the rapidly changing Covid situation, it is too early to decide. Stay tuned.

4. Train Shows. Roof reported that Ed Williams has done some preliminary checking on venues for 2022 train shows. He has checked in with el Museo, and plans to do so with the 4H Club.

Roof repeated that Ed needs a Show Committee to do the legwork in setting up the various modular layouts and the show itself. He asked for volunteers, without which there will be no shows. Tony Balano, Phil Haworth, Dave Staples, and Bill Stripe stepped forward. Go for it!

Neil Wenthe reported that he has several of the T-Trak N gauge tabletop modules that club members built as a project several years ago. He is willing to give them to any members who want to revive the T-Trak layout. It doesn’t take up much space and is a crowd pleaser.

5. Spouse Involvement. Roof reported that the Exec. Comm. thinks it’s a good idea to encourage spouses and significant other to participate in Club activities, including our monthly meetings.

6. Club name badges. Several members have paid for but never received a Club badge. Gary Lee has volunteered to temporarily take this on and set up with a new vender. Once set up, we need a volunteer to handle this. Please send Gary an e-mail if you are patiently waiting for your badge:

On a related topic Neil Wenthe asked about club shirts and T-shirts. Secretary Bob Hayden, who ran this in past years, said that we’d crank it up again once the Covid situation is over.

6. Club Web site. Roof thanked Bob Dolci for maintaining the Club website for the past couple of years. He said that the Exec. Comm. discussed the topic and decided a new approach is needed. Gary Lee will head the effort and recruit a committee to help him. Treasurer Jeff Taylor should be on the committee since the web developer under consideration, Club Express, facilitates collecting dues.

7. 2022 Club Excursion. Hayden reported that Vick Thomas had e-mailed him after the last meeting that he is still interested in researching a Club excursion on the NM Rail Runner. Stay tuned.

8. Meeting Coordinator. Roof noted that we still need a volunteer to line up monthly meeting hosts. The job takes less than an hour a month. Bob Dolci volunteered to handle the part of the job that lines up presenters and presentations. Contact Bob to sign up for October and beyond.

Michael Gross asked Dolci if there is a standard for a minimum presentation? Dolci suggested 15 minutes, and Hayden added that if you have 5 railroad slides and something to say about them, you’re the person we need.

9. Comments and questions for the good of the Club.

The meeting adjourned at 7:27 p.m., followed by a presentation by Bob Dolci on making books from all the digital photos you have stored in your phone and on your computers. Thank you, Bob.

Next meeting: Tuesday, September 14, 2021, 6:30 p.m. at the Eldorado Community Center. Cancelled

HOSTS NEEDED for the October meeting and beyond. PLEASE VOLUNTEER!

Submitted by Bob Hayden, Secretary