About Us

San Jose ACTION! - Caring for Our Community

About Us

San Jose ACTION! is a grass-roots organization of local residents and business owners that cross neighborhood lines and are working together to impact government projects affecting our community. San Jose ACTION! works to uncover and gather critical information regarding these projects to help educate, unite, and empower our fellow community members with plans of action.


We are uniting in our efforts to educate ourselves on development projects and plans that impact our neighborhoods and alert others, because an informed community constituency is a powerful one.


We are uniting to raise our collective voices to help advance projects and plans that uplift our neighborhoods and gain more input and control over those that, in fact, may threaten our homes, businesses, personal safety, and overall quality of life.


We are uniting to devise plans we can enact together to ensure our local government agencies and officials represent our interests over their own and spend our tax dollars in ways that serve our desires and needs for our community.


Join us, your fellow neighbors, in caring for our community and driving our government to work better for us.