Union Pacific Blight

The City of San Jose has provided assurances for over a year that the City was negotiating a solution to the dumping problem along the Monterey Road rail corridor. Despite these assurances, the dumping along the Union Pacific rail tracks not only continues, but the piles continue to grow!

The resulting piles of trash become harborages and food sources for vectors and related pathogens, sources of odors, fuel for fires, unattractive nuisances to the public, an attractive nuisance for salvagers, and potential sites that can cause bodily injuries. Credit: CARecycle

Where is the City of San Jose? Where is Sergio Jimenez and Mayor Liccardo? Why do lower income and former redevelopment neighborhoods continue to get neglected by the City of San Jose?

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As you can see pictured below, the piles are not only continuing.....but they are growing and now can be seen the length of Monterey from Capitol to Skyway and Blossom Hill on/off-ramp to Morgan Hill. These pictures were taken over the week of April 22, 2019.

After much public pressure, some of the below piles were cleaned up only to be replaced by new ones.