Union Pacific Blight


It's time for long-term solutions:

According to www.CalRecycle.ca. gov :

Homeless people generate solid waste during their daily activities of food preparation and consumption, shelter building and maintenance, storing their possessions, eliminating unwanted materials, and gathering recyclable materials of value. The resulting piles of trash become harborages and food sources for vectors and related pathogens, sources of odors, fuel for fires, unattractive nuisances to the public, an attractive nuisance for salvagers, and potential sites that can cause bodily injuries.

Take a stand:


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Contact Union Pacific:

Union Pacific Railroad 1400 Douglas St., Omaha, NE 68179 402-544-5000 (or) 888-870-8777

Reporting Unusual or Suspicious Occurrences and Environmental Hazards 1-888-UPRRCOP (877-7267) to report hazardous materials releases, criminal activities, illegal dumping, or other environmental incidents.

"Feedback Form" on their web site. https://www.up.com/forms/feedback/index.shtml

"Land Leases/Property Management" for Santa Clara Co., CA: PETER KENNEY (402) 544-8581 https://www.up.com/messages/index.cfm?address=pkenney (link to send P.Kenney an e-mail on the UP web site)

Be heard!!