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The City fast-tracked EIH ( also known as Bridge Housing, Tiny Homes, and even Covid Dorms for a time) at the corner of Bernal and Monterey under the guise of the Covid-19 health emergency, ignoring the fact that the site had failed CEQA and didn't meet their purported site requirements.  Despite recorded commitments to the adjacent neighborhoods that the site would support only sleeping cabins for 20,  the Bernal site site has since been expanded to 78.  Can you say bait and switch? 

To compound this assault on D2 and D10:

Wake up, D2 and D10!  We are being played.  The city is relocating the homelessness problem to our lower income, multiculturally diverse, and often former redevelopment neighborhoods resulting in the gentrification of San Jose's city center and higher income neighborhoods at the expense of our quality of life and safety.  While they do this, they deny services to the surrounding neighborhoods.

To add insult to injury, members of San Jose Action and other neighborhood constituents who have requested to participate on neighborhood EIH and Safe Parking committees, as well as simple requests to have meeting minutes and schedules posted so as to allow access and participation by the local community, have been summarily ignored by Sergio Jimenez and his team. So much for an inclusive, diverse, and transparent government!

Remember when we were promised one EIH build per district?  The numbers are in,  and  it looks like the City of San Jose is picking winners and losers.

EIH:Safe Parking Impacts.pdf

To date, approximately 54 percent of city built units are in D2 and D10, most within the same three miles (less than 2% of the City), and the City Council, under Matt Mahan with direction from Omar Passons,  continues to seek out additional locations in this same three mile area.  Do no council members have the integrity to call this out for what it is?  

It is clear to us that this is homeless redlining and a blatant end-run around our community which soundly rejected these proposals in the past.  The City is clearly putting forth policies that have a disparate impact on D2 and bordering D10 neighborhoods, many of which were formerly recognized by the City as redevelopment neighborhoods via the city's own Strong Neighborhoods Initiative. 

The constant "relocation" of the homeless from their neighborhoods to the same three mile stretch of D2/D10, rather than creating housing within the neighborhoods from which the homeless originate,  results in homeless redlining, a violation of federal civil rights laws, and has resulted in an 742 percent increase in street homelessness for D2  and a 37 percent increase for D10!  

Email, tweet, and call Mayor Mahan and the San Jose City Council today!  Let them know that you stand with SJAction in the fight to protect our local neighborhoods from the impacts of poorly-designed homeless housing, high speed rail, and other city and state created boondoggles.  

1. Mayor Matt Mahan – (408) 535-4800  Term expires 12/31/24

2. Rosemary Kamei, District 1 –  (408) 535-4901  Term expires 12/31/26

3. Serjio Jimenez, District 2 –  (408) 535-4902  Term expires 12/31/24  (Not Soon Enough)

4. Omar Torres, District 3 – (408) 535-4903  Term expires 12/31/26

5. David Cohen, District 4 – (408) 535-4904  Term expires 12/31/24

6.  Peter Ortiz,  District 5 – (408) 535-4905 Term expires 12/31/26

7. Devora "Dev" Davis, District 6 – (408) 535-4906  Term expires 12/31/24

8. Bien Doan, District 7 –  (408) 535-4907   Term expires 12/31/26

9. Domingo Candelas, District 8 – (408) 535-4908   *Council selected interim  member

10. Pam Foley, District 9 –  (408) 535-4909  Term expires 12/31/26

11. Arjun Batra, District 10 – (408) 535-4910   *Council selected interim  member




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