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Democracy Dies in Darkness

The City of San Jose will be meeting tomorrow to determine how to fill the D10 and D8 open council positions. The people deserve a voice in their government; however, council members, like Sergio Jimenez, intend to deny D8 and D10 constituents their right to select their own representation. Do not let special interests win.

Join the meeting on Monday, December 5th at 5:00 PM via Zoom at

You can also join in person at City Hall:

200 E. Santa Clara Street

San Jose, CA 95113

District 2 and District 10 Alert!

The City fast-tracked Bridge Housing Communities at the corner of Bernal and Monterey to house 80 homeless residents under the guise of the Covid-19 health emergency.

  • They have added a second site less than 1/2 a mile away at Rue Ferrari with the plan to house an additional 120 homeless and currently propose an expansion of the Rue Ferrari project to include RV Safe Parking!

  • Despite promises by Sergio Jimenez and the entire San Jose City Council that these sites and their impacts would be evenly distributed amongst the districts, the City now proposes a new BHC to be located at Branham and Monterey Road, approximately 3 miles from the Bernal site and bordering D2.

  • In addition, they currently are moving forward on a plan to convert the Santa Teresa VTA station into a RV parking lot.

  • Now, the City is proposing to build a fourth bridge housing site within the same 3 miles at the at the Cottle VTA lot or the corner of Great Oaks and 85.

  • In addition, the City is supporting a 5th site, SOAR sanctioned and serviced encampment, at Monterey/Blossom Hill cloverleafs at the same location the City invited the homeless to camp.

  • Despite Sergio Jimenez's protestations otherwise, San Jose Action now has proof that the Southside Community Center (Cottle Road) has been submitted for development of low income housing, again within the same 3 miles!!!!

This is a blatant end-run around the community which soundly rejected these proposals in the past, and the City is clearly putting forth policies that have a disparate effect on D2 and bordering D10 neighborhoods, many of which were formerly recognized by the City as redevelopment neighborhoods via the city's own Strong Neighborhoods Initiative.

Proper notice to the impacted communities has not been provided, and these sudden decisions are coming at a time when D2 constituents have had their constitutional rights to assemble, protest, or be heard on this matter shuttered.

Please sign the petition below and contact your Council Member, Matt Mahan, Sergio Jimenez, and Mayor Sam Liccardo. Say no to more bridge housing, RV parking, and low income developments in D2 or its bordering D10 neighborhoods. Say no to City gentrification and the abuse of multiculturally diverse and formerly City recognized redevelopment neighborhoods.

1. Mayor Sam Liccardo – (408) 535-4800 @sliccardo

2. Sergio Jimenez, District 2 – (408) 535-4902 @sergio4D2

3. Matt Mahan, District 10 and Mayoral Candidate- (408) 535-4910 @MattMahanSJ