Volunteer opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

The St. Andrew's Mountain Community Center is a volunteer-based organization, and the one thing we can always use more of is just that - volunteers! Here are some upcoming opportunities...

Adult Chaperones for Shack Events

The Shack is a live music event featuring local and regional musicians. Adult chaperones are needed for these events, which are popular with both teens and younger adults. The Shack events generally run from 6:00 to 10:00 PM. Contact jfbaltzell@gmail.com for more information.

Food Bank - Community Ministries

The MCC is serving as a drop-off location for food donations to Community Ministries. Leave donations inside the bin located in the front hallway any time the building is in use*.

Library Assistants Needed

The community center is in need of assistants to help staff the Mt. Mission Community Library. Due to a lack of volunteers, the library is currently open when the building is in use*.

If you are interested in learning more, or ready to sign up to volunteer at the MCC library, please check out our Facebook group or send an email to samccpinc@gmail.com.

Library Cataloging Help

We are endeavoring to create a complete catalog for our library. It is a big undertaking and if you can spare an hour or two to assist, please contact kkrapf@gmail.com for more information.

Things to Do Around the Center

Replace water-damaged door between basement kitchen and storage area.

Repair corner solar flood light on the outside of the building.

Repair storm, etc. damage to dormers.

General supplies needed on a regular basis:

  • toilet paper
  • contractor-sized trash bags
  • liquid hand soap
  • c-fold paper towels.
  • bottled water

*You can see when the building is in use on our Calendar of Events page.

Did you know that the MCC works primarily off donations from the community? These donations come in the form of both finances and time, and we appreciate everyone who helps regardless of the size of their contribution. It all adds up to keep the MCC open!

It's a proven fact that giving back triggers the part of the brain that controls joy. Because the MCC has an ongoing need within the community, it's always a perfect time to help. If you can't give at this time, please consider being an active member of our social media community and sharing this information with your family and friends.

If you'd like to make a financial donation at this time, you may mail it to SAMCCP, Inc. P.O. Box 611, Charles Town, WV 25414, or send via PayPal at SAMCCPINC@gmail.com.