From astrophysics to industry - increasing representation in STEM disciplines

Despite some progress over the last twenty years, the fraction of bachelor physics degrees awarded to students from underrepresented minorities, and in particular African Americans, is still too low. Among the many factors that might contribute to these low numbers, is the perception that a degree in physics does not open many doors to the job market.

We organize a yearly Professional Development program for high school educators with two main goals. From one side, we will expose educators to recent exciting advances in understanding of Einstein's theory of general relativity, black holes and gravitational waves in an engaging and accessible way. Gravitational waves were theorized by Einstein in 1916 and finally detected in 2015 - a discovery awarded the 2017 Physics Nobel prize. From the other side, we will provide examples, directly from our research program, of ideas and methods that can be nearly directly transferred from a physics degree to a job in industry.

The Program is held yearly in the Summer.

The program will include hands-on activities, seminars, and discussion sessions, with the ultimate goal of identifying the key aspects that educators can bring back to their classrooms.

PD points will be awarded to educators who complete the program.

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