Group members

Current LIGO data analysis and astrophysics group members:


Cailin  Plunkett (from Fall 23)

Maria Sofia Lopez (from Fall 23)

Noah Wolfe 

Jack Heinzel 

Sylvia Biscoveanu

April Cheng (UROP) 

Postdoctoral associates and fellows

Colm Talbot 

Matthew, Mould (from Fall 23)



Past visitors and UROP students:

Claire Elisabeth Williams (Carleton College)
Jonathan Davies (Imperial College London)
Hannah Middleton (U Birmingham)
Shiqi Chen (MIT UROP)
Kaylee de Soto (MIT UROP) -> Graduate student at PSU
Nadia Qutob (MIT MSRP)
Divjyot Singh  (MIT MSRP) -> Los Alamos National Lab

Past group members:

Dr.  Hsin-Yu Chen  (now assistant professor at U Texas Austin)
Dr.  Yiwen (Eva) Huang (now data scientist at IntelliSys)
Dr.  Kwan Yeung (Ken) Ng  (now Miller fellow at JHU)
Dr.  Carl-Johan Haster (now assistant professor at UNLV)
Dr. Maximiliano (Max) Isi (now postdoctoral fellow at CCA)
Dr. Ryan Lynch (2013-2018, co-Advised with Dr. Erik Katsavounidis)