Short Bio


I am currently an associate professor of physics at MIT (at the LIGO Lab).

Previously, I was an undergraduate student at the University of Bologna, in Italy, where I also earned my master degree.

I thus moved to the Pierre et Marie Curie University, Paris (France) for my PhD.

I was a postdoc for two years at the Nikhef of Amsterdam.

I started my appointment at the MIT in the Fall of 2012, where I have been a postdoctoral associate till Aug. 2015, and a research scientist till December 2016.

My main work interests lie in gravitational waves data analysis topics with the LIGO- Virgo collaboration.

In the Publications section of this site you can find links to the papers I have published recently.

They cover several topics related with gravitational waves data analysis, such as parameter estimation -- including black holes' masses and spins; tests of General Relativity; sky localization of gravitational wave sources; measurability of the equation of state of neutron stars; as well as the effect of instrumental calibration errors on data analysis.

In the Group members section you can find information about the members of my group at MIT.


MIT group pic in Stockholm, the day before the Nobel ceremony