"Victoria from Salix & Sage did an incredible job in executing and delivering a Tarot reading over the computer. She gives options for audio, text, or video and is willing to work with you on whichever is easiest. She also has flexible times as to not rush the process of the reading and let’s you know how long it will be when you get your follow up from her. In the case of video Tarot readings, she offers a clear and easy to understand explanation of the reading. I didn’t feel lost at all as she talked through each card. She also includes a follow up email with your cards and a more in depth breakdown of the reading and things to think about. Her professionalism and knowledge is 10/10 . I’d recommend to anyone looking for a kind, courteous, and down to earth reader to reach out to Victoria." - D. D.

"I received a much needed reiki session with Vicki in the comfort of my own home. She is super knowledgeable with everything she does and even worked around three barking dogs without being distracted She left me feeling free of anxiety and much more grounded. Can’t wait for the next time!" - M. M.

"Reiki with Vicki was a beautiful experience from start to finish. She created a warm and welcoming environment that settled my nervous energy and allowed me to sink into the session. I really appreciated all of the soothing sounds and smells that enhanced the whole experience. I felt safe, relaxed, and well taken care of. I had come into the appointment feeling discontent and ungrounded, but I left feeling peaceful and rejuvenated. I highly recommend Vicki’s services for anyone looking for energy medicine and self-care." - B. S. 

"I truly appreciate the house cleansing ritual Victoria performed at my home. Scheduling was a breeze and the documents that were sent prior to the house cleansing were easy to read and made me even more excited for the day. Victoria was great answering all of my questions thoroughly so I felt fully prepared and aware of what to expect. During the cleansing, it felt natural and soothing. Afterwards, I felt more confident, clear, and purposeful in my space. As the days continued on, I felt more inspired and more connected to my home. Thank you for the beautiful vibes and aura that you brought into my home, Victoria!" - H. W.