First Joint Working Group Meeting


Second Management Committee Meeting

(4-5-6 March 2019, Rethymno, Crete, Greece)

The First Joint WG & MC meeting will consist of a 3 days meeting:

  • DAY 1: Plenary session on Grant Period 1 (GP1) update & brainstorming. During the brainstorming session, MC members will have an opportunity to present their work, proposals and ideas related to SAGA goals.
  • DAY 2: Parallel WG sessions (x 4) to develop an Action Plan. MC members should decide which WG meeting to join.
  • DAY 3: Plenary session in which the WG leaders will summarise the outcomes of the different WGs discussions from DAY 2. They will present their respective WG Action Plan to all the MC members. The second part of this last day will be devoted to the 'Second MC Meeting' of COST Action SAGA. The MC meeting will review the outcomes of GP1 and will plan ahead for next GP2.