What others have to say...

"Victoria's work has profoundly shifted my life. Her compassionate listening and heartfelt wisdom both inspired and challenged me to go deep inside my soul to discover the answers to my questions about life. Her suggestions to me opened up new ways to become more present to the truths of who I am. As a result of our work together, I feel more confident, more powerful, and even more connected to life. Victoria is a skilled guide for those looking for inspiration and tools to move forward."

"Prior to my phone sessions with Victoria I had never tried this type of therapy before. At the beginning of working with her I doubted how effective hypnotherapy could be, especially when done remotely over the phone but I was open to give it a try. I plugged in my ear buds and went for it. I was amazed how quickly and effectively Victoria was able to draw me in and create a safe space for me just over the phone. I had a lot of stuffed emotions that I had been keeping locked up tightly for a long time. But, by the time she brought me out of that first session I realized I had tears streaming down my face and I felt like my heart had opened to let in the light that had been missing for so long. My journey with Victoria was underway. Every session is as much of a revelation as the first one. I’m grateful I took the chance to give working with her over the phone a try. I’m also grateful for Victoria’s continued help in opening up the best version of me."

"It is my pleasure to testify to the wonderful, healing power that Victoria Jazwic has had on my heart, psyche, and soul."

"I met Victoria when I joined a cancer support group she facilitates. I also have attended her guided imagery classes. Victoria has a wonderful gift for reaching the heart. The lessons I have learned from her have enriched my life. She’s taught me new coping skills to use in difficult situations and ways to share and celebrate the joy in happy times. Her compassion and intelligence shines through in her everyday interactions with people. I’m so grateful to know her."

"For too many years I struggled with my weight issues: fad diets, yo-yo weight loss, clubs and diet centers. Nothing worked for any length of time and before long I was back to my old habits, which left me frustrated, depressed and unhealthy. I went to see Victoria to try “one more time”. I immediately felt very comfortable with her. Her gentle, caring nature was supportive and non judgmental.Victoria, skillfully and quickly placed me in a hypnotic state and using guided imagery was able to “re-calibrate” many of my poor eating habits. I have always felt completely in control while under hypnosis. Over several months I have lost 20 pounds, feel much better about myself, feel healthier and happier. I really recommend Victoria, she has so much integrity, knowledge and insight that at long last I feel as if I am in command of both my eating habits and feelings."

"I started going to Victoria because I was having some trouble sleeping. As I continued my sessions with her, I not only started sleeping better, but stopped having migraine headaches, my digestion improved, and I started feeling lighter and more fully alive. As a retired counselor and spiritual director, I recognize in Victoria a unique gift of tuning into the Spirit, working with transforming images, and being an instrument of healing on all levels, body, mind, and spirit. She has a gentle manner, an intuitive understanding, and a warm, caring heart that helped me to relax and get more in touch with deeper images and insights. I am so thankful that God has brought Victoria into my life, and I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to heal inner wounds, develop their gifts, and open to a greater fullness of life."

" I highly recommend Victoria! Four hours with her has changed my life."

"Victoria is one of the most insightful and intuitive people I know. She listens patiently to my narratives, but quickly sees the underlying story, and is able to help me confront that story in a gentle but authoritative way. I have been through some huge life changes, and these have caused my world to become confusing and often overwhelming. Victoria is brilliant in helping me see the opportunity that such change can offer, and I always leave her office feeling more hopeful and empowered.

Recently, I went through all the notes that I had taken during our time together and typed them up. On her suggestion, I had begun assembling a binder with meaningful quotes, poetry, images, and other sources of inspiration. I decided that typing the notes would make them neater and more useful to me. Perhaps I was especially motivated to revisit my notes because I had been going through a particularly difficult time in my life’s journey. As I typed, Victoria’s voice came strongly through with her message of self-love, empowerment, connection, and healing, and I felt calmer, more hopeful, and more centered.

In addition to all the help she has provided in helping me find my authentic self, Victoria has helped me in two specific ways. In describing them, I describe her work, and how significant it has been for me. First, my daughter had asked me to sing at her wedding. I have not sung formally in public since before this daughter was born, so while I was very flattered, I was also nervous. This feeling of nervousness was magnified because my soon-to-be ex-husband would be at the wedding with his girlfriend. I wanted to be sure the wedding celebrated the love and commitment shared by my daughter and her new husband, but was deeply concerned that circumstances would undermine my confidence and make things, at least in my mind, about me rather than about my daughter. I was also worried that I would cry. Using her many tools, Victoria led me through a process that gave me the grace and confidence to abandon my own concerns and focus on my daughter. When the day of the wedding arrived, even though I was unable to rehearse with the musicians because I was participating in the ceremonial dressing of my daughter-bride, I felt centered. When it came time to sing, I found that the song just came out! I sang to my daughter, to my (almost) son-in-law, and to his mother. I was pretty much the only person in the church who was not crying! I was able to give my daughter a gift only I could give.

The second event is less tangible, and harder to describe. I have been struggling with issues of faith, and my intellectual doubts and spiritual bitterness have permeated many of my conversations with Victoria. However, over the course of our weeks together, I have begun to relax, and I’m finally coming to terms with my spiritual beliefs and developing some powerful personal insights. I have only taken a small step on this mystical journey, but I know I am on my way to greater spiritual awareness and deeper faith as a result of my time with Victoria."

"In addition to being a skilled hypnotherapist, Victoria is a wise woman. I am truly grateful to have had her warm, positive counsel."

"My healing journey with Victoria Jazwic has been nothing short of miraculous.I came to her during a very traumatic time in my life. I knew I needed help. I was numbing my pain with alcohol, cigarettes, not taking care of my emotional, physical and spiritual health. Negative and bitter roots had began to take hold of my heart. I knew I needed direction and guidance towards another path.

I was very skeptical about hypnotherapy. I remember my first session in the chair I attempted to be very alert of every word she said as to not slip into some temporary coma where she could implant any thought into my mind without my permission or awareness. I did hear every word she said and from our first visualization, I knew, with her assistance, I was going to find, navigate and enjoy every step of my healing path.

I was a mess! I was blessed enough to find a safe place to be completely honest with myself. I am most thankful that through everything, good or bad, I NEVER felt judged. She is extremely professional with such a warm and compassionate spirit. Being vulnerable was something I was not comfortable being at this painful time in my life. I wanted to just be done, skip the pain and be healed. I believe because of the professional, safe and compassionate atmosphere she provided, I was able to sit with, work through and accept that the pain was such a blessing. It was a very important part of the path.

I felt I wasn’t making progress for the longest time. I would have a great session and slip into my poor behavior. Although I never felt like I would be in trouble, or graded on how well a day, week or month I had had. She continued to remind me where I was at, was where I was at. Her patience and acceptance gave me the hope and motivation to accept where I was at, why I was still there and when and how to move forward.

I felt she invested a great deal of her energy, time and resources during our sessions and outside of our sessions. The visuals that she shared with me made me aware that she is truly gifted. She is very in touch with her practice academically and spiritually.

I have referred friends who have had similar phenomenal experiences. I feel like the time I have spent with Victoria has made changes in my life that will not only last, but continue to grow. It is a new way of viewing the world, the life experience. I am in control of my story. I feel very empowered, confident, grateful, hopeful and excited about my path."

"I will be forever grateful for the incredible and positive impact she has had on my life."

"I was having a difficult time dealing with a family member and was physically and emotionally tired. I had all the intellectual tools I needed but the emotional tools were missing and I was continually being pulled into arguments and never-ending discussions that went nowhere. I sought help from my pastor who recommended I see Victoria. I was extremely skeptical and was determined not to spend several months or years discussing my childhood. After just one session with her, I was able to avoid being ‘hooked’ into emotional turmoil. After three sessions, I have the emotional tools I need to deal with my family member and can even love this person for who she is and where she is in her life. Victoria didn’t tell me anything I didn’t know already but gave me the tools I need to focus and change my attitude and look to the inside to meet my needs and those of my family. Change comes from within. I used to react from long-standing rituals that were engraved in my mind, much like ruts in the road. I’ve changed how I react by seeing this person in a new light and realizing I am in charge of my emotions."