Victoria Jazwic C.Ht.

"My philosophy is to meet people where they are on their journey and to guide them forward to their desired experiences."

Who is Victoria Jazwic?

Victoria Jazwic is genuinely passionate about inspiring others in achieving their best. She is a life-long student, constantly seeking to improve her skills in order to provide greater support for her clients. Victoria is compassionate, supportive, intuitive and invested in the well being of others. She specializes in Hypnotherapy which is a "transformational tool" that helps people achieve changes quickly by transforming old, limiting patterns into new healthy ways of being. She is able to assist her clients in shifting into more life supporting habits, beliefs and patterns and guide them in activating their potential and purpose.

Victoria's clients report feeling a sense of relief and increased hope after their very first session as they learn ways to connect to their own wisdom and receive insights to navigate towards the authentic, joyous life they desire!

Victoria's experience and training has been with various modalities and healing concepts such as NLP, Dream Therapy, Guided Imagery, Energy Psychology and Hypnotherapy.She is a graduate of the Nationally Acclaimed Hypnosis Motivational Institute in Los Angeles, where she completed her post -graduate internship. As Victoria believes in the importance of continuing do her own inner work and in the desire to expand her skills as a transformational agent, she is currently in her forth year of training at Wilderness Fusion.

Under the direction of Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith (Advisor on "The Secret") she received training from the AGAPE International Spiritual Center. As a spiritual seeker, Victoria has attended many workshops and lectures that enhance her existing support services as a Transformational Hypnotherapist. During her years at Agape she soaked up wisdom from some of the masters in the world of healing and transformation; Marianne Williamson, Wayne Dyer, Iyanla Vanzant and many other amazing teachers she feels blessed to have gleaned from!

In 2002 Victoria followed her inner guidance and moved to Sequim, Washington where she joined other practitioners in creating one of the first holistic health care centers in Sequim, Pathways Holistic Healthcare. She has offered support to others throughout her years in her beloved Sequim, by leading workshops, providing support groups for OMC Cancer Center and for Assured Hospice where she worked for nearly four years as their Bereavement Coordinator.

Victoria is a specialty instructor with Tribal Edge Primal Arts Training Center in Blyn where she is involved with core programs including coaching parents of Young Men's Initiation, as well as supporting participants of Vision Quests. She has been assisting in the Apprentice Program for over five years which connects her passion for learning and supporting others with her love of nature.

Victoria's philosophy is to meet people where they are and guide them utilizing their own wisdom and awareness. She enjoys supporting her clients in activating their potential and witnessing their transformation and ultimate connection to their own unique purpose.