Taylor received a NIH T32 TRAM Fellowship.

Hearty congratulations!!!

Han Gil received a College of Medicine University Scholar for the 2021-2022. Congratulations!!!

Taylor's new papers during her doctoral training were published. Congratulations!

09/07/2020 Our lab is awarded the NIA, R56 fund

The College of Medicine Celebration of Research Poster Event was held on Tuesday, February 25, 2020 at the O’Connell Center.

Laxmi and Shay presented

06/24/2019 Our lab moved to the new location MG-48.

Our team!!! Thanks Anuksha!


We have a new spinning disk confocal microscope.

  • Nikon Ti inverted microscope.

  • Fully motorized Prior X/Y stage and Z piezo (200µm range)

  • CoolLED's pe-4000E supporting 16 wave lengths

  • A set objectives of 10x, 20x, 40x, 60x, 100x. All lenses contain a DIC filter.

  • Andor Zyra 4.2 (QE 82%).

  • Mosaic3 active illumination system

  • Micropoint laser ablation system

  • IQ3 operating software

03/13/2019 Our lab is awarded the Pepper Junior Scholar.

1/07/2019 Marian, Anuksha and Kihyun join our lab.

11/06/2018 Shayla Curry joined our lab as a lab manager.


We have a new stereo-compound fluorescence microscope with X-cite 120 LED Booster.

This microscope transitions between macro and micro objectives.


Getting closer to opening our new lab!!!

Augusta 3rd, 2018

Our new website is open.