Ryan Lepic, PhD

Assistant Professor of Linguistics at Gallaudet University

I am a linguist interested in how languages change as a result of how they are used.

A key property of human language is that our utterances are highly formulaic and highly creative at the same time. We routinely stretch and re-purpose familiar words and phrases to make something new. My research examines the organization and extension of patterns among words, in spoken languages (mostly English) and in sign languages (mostly ASL).

I'm also interested in the science of teaching and learning, as it relates to teaching linguistics.

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November 2022

I'm heading to HDLS-15 in New Mexico, my first in-person presentation at a conference since the beginning of COVID. Here's hoping we all remember how to do this!

May 2022

I have completed my second year as a tenure-track Assistant Professor in the Linguistics Department at Gallaudet University! It felt like a "second first" year, being on campus after having the 2020-2021 year remote. But we made it through!

August 2021

I'm incredibly honored to have been invited to give a keynote presentation at AIMM-5! You can view my recorded talk here.

June 2021

I've recently relocated to DC!

...and my chapter in Constructions in Contact 2, "From letters to families: Initialized signs in American Sign Language" is published. This chapter has an updated analysis of the initialized signs data from my dissertation.