Ryan Lepic

Post-doctoral Researcher

Goldin-Meadow Laboratory

University of Chicago


September 2017

Heading to LSA2018 in Salt Lake City? I'll have two posters in the Saturday morning poster session. My co-author Lynn Hou will also be presenting our analysis of the ASL sign LOOK-AT as part of the Five-Minute Linguist competition! See you there!

August 2017

I'm back from team-teaching Sign Language Linguistics with Carol Padden at the 2017 Linguistics Summer Institute at the University of Kentucky.

July 2017

My colleague Lynn Hou presented on our joint work toward an ASL Internet corpus at the pre-#CL2017Bham sign language workshop.

April 2017

I've moved cross-country for a post-doc in the Goldin-Meadow lab at the University of Chicago. I'm contributing to the lab's on-going research on the role of gesture in math learning.