Research Interests

  • Method and application: statistical and computational methods for data integration and evidence synthesis in large distributed research networks (e.g., PEDSnet, OneFlorida, OHDSI), signal detection in neuroimaging and biobank data through high-dimensional statistical models and large-scale multiple testing procedures, measurement error and missing data in electronic health records (EHR) data, meta-analysis.

  • Theory: asymptotic theory, estimating equations, high-dimensional statistical inference, model identifiability, semiparametric inference.

  • Collaboration and scientific research: Alzheimer's disease, opioid use disorder, mental disorders, drug and vaccine safety, pediatric conditions including Crohn's disease and diabetes.


Principal Investigator (2022-2027) NIH R01 Federated and transfer learning methods for cross-ancestry and cross-phenotype integration of genomic datasets