The Guild is a great place to group up with people for activities in SWTOR. From asking in /guild chat in the game, or using our Discord server.

We have pingable discord roles: @LFG @PVP @Raider for people to send notifications to help setup groups.

@LFG for regular SWTOR content such as: Flashpoints, Heroics, Dailies, Uprisings, and Events. Rakghoul, Gree, Bounties, and all the SWTOR Events. Great for grouping to level on a Double XP Weekend, or for a night doing Endgame stuff, etc.

@PVP is used to organize groups for Warzones, Ranked Arenas, Stronghold & Openworld PVP, and Duels.

@Raider for organizing Operations, the largest form of group content in the game. We're also putting together a Progression Raid Group for Veteran and Master Operations.

The Guild makes its own activities apart from the regular SWTOR Activity finder. Stronghold Hide & Seek, Fashion Contests, Group Datacron Runs, Exploration Groups, and lots more. Check our Announcements for when those happen (available on twitter, the homepage, and the discord server), or simply talk about it with Guild Members.

Conquest is a big reward for doing activities in SWTOR. Our Guild utilizes this and organizes conquest weeks in order to get as many rewards for activities as possible.

The Disciple is the flagship for the Radiant Paragons republic guild. The Guild ​uses this to invade planets each week, trying to hit the Conquest goals together. We've conquered several planets in the past, and with enough growth we hope to conquer more in the future!

Nemesis is our flagship for the Shadow Paragons imperial guild. The Guild invades planets each week as well. Our Imperial guild is newer and hasn't conquered any planets yet. We're still building our flagship, but we want to grow and prosper to see the Shadow Paragons achieve greatness.