Our guild utilizes a lot of resources to enhance our community and experience playing Star Wars the Old Republic. Our discord server houses the main social environment for our guild. We use StarParse to analyze our DPS and HPS in order to prepare for difficult operations. In-game we have our guild banks, strongholds, and flagships.

The Guild Banks are used to exchange resources and credits between our primary members. In order to gain access to the Guild Banks, you need to achieve the rank of Hero detailed in our Ranks page. Champions and Paragons have increased access.

Our Flagships and Strongholds are available to all members to use and explore. They're built for roleplay and usability purposes, and they show off some of our achievements. Our Shadow Paragons guild has a Rishi Stronghold which allows us access to the special perks offered from it (such as Training Dummies).

The Flagships and Strongholds provide these utilities for our members to use:

  • Cargo Holds & Bank access
  • Jawa & Prefab vendors
  • Mail & GTN access
  • Contraband Cartel Slot Machine
  • Item & Appearance Modification Stations

Champions and Paragons are able to summon groups to locations with the Guild Flagship.