Welcome to Our Garden

Welcome back Raccoons!

August 11, 2022

After putting the garden on pause for the pandemic we are back and growing strong. In the spring students planted different kinds of vegetable and flower seeds during the healthy schools week. They took great care of their seedlings, watching as they grew tall and strong in the sunny window outside the main first floor classrooms. We transplanted these outside in May and they have been slowly getting bigger and bigger all summer long.

Now we welcome you to pop into the garden and take a look at the bounty of the season, from sweet corn to red tomatoes, to cucumbers and beans climbing up our new archway. While you're there take a closer look at the ecosystem around you. How many different types of pollinators do yo notice? Can you spot a hummingbird visiting the scarlet runner beans? What might be hiding under the broad leaves of the squash plants? Remember that a healthy garden has a wide diversity of plants, birds, and insects and we should encourage these visitors.

We're excited to have the students see how much their tiny seeds have grown and we hope they take pride in their contributions. Welcome back and have a great year raccoons!

"To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow" - Audrey Hepburn