mobile network radiation

Install this free app and monitor the radiation levels from your mobile phone service provider or the nearest antenna of any other provider.

Also, you can do your own calculations with the spreadsheet below. You have two options. Either get the signal strength in dBm from your phone (see how to do it for Android and how to do it for iPhone) and put this value in the appropriate cell of the first sheet, or put in the second sheet your distance to the closest cellular network antenna .



Q: The flashing led is always red, what does it mean?

  • Mobile phones do not give measurements beyond an upper threshold (asu 31 or -51 dBm) because the receiver gets saturated. The red led flashes when the signal strength reaches this upper threshold. If the measurement is constantly at this upper threshold, then most probably the signal strength is much greater than this threshold and needs to be investigated. The distance method offered in this app is a first approach.


For the calibration of the calculation parameters (gain, transmission dBm, etc.) the following measurements were used:

  1. EEAE 1
  2. EEAE 2
  3. Paratiritirioemf

For the safety standards:

  1. Bioinitiative 2007
  2. WiFi in the Home

This app theoretical background is based on:

1. field strength and received power

2. free-space path loss