background radiation

The figure on the left/above is an example of last hour measurements (click on it to get the last hour measurement). The bars give the number of anomalies recorded on our blindfolded camera's CCD. Number of anomalies are grouped in periods of 1 minute. The image has 60 bars for the last 60 minutes. Anomalies are electron charges at the semiconductor-oxide interface of the CCD, which are created by gamma rays (or cosmic rays) and give white pixels (depicted in the upper panel of the previous image).

Project details:

  • This service is running on Rozolutions servers and gives the background radiation of Athens.
  • This service is based on RadioA project. A Samsung Galaxy Mini GT-S5570 is used as measuring device.
  • Check this Wikipedia article to find more information regarding radiation units. The Athens average is 0.09 uGy/h and 4.1 counts per minute (CPM).
  • Offical radiation measurements from GAEC.