Here at the Royal Arms Server Franchise every single donation goes towards upgrading our server hardware, for better performance, and etc. Primarily upgrading the CPU, adding more RAM, and setting up a RAID to protect our server data, and a plethora of other things that benefit the servers.

We have a donation rank for anyone that donates 5$ or more, that offers no kits, unfair permissions, or etc to ensure everything is fair for everyone. However, it does offer some nice features such as

  • Custom Player Trails
  • Yellow Donator Chat Prefix and Color
  • Custom Server Discord Nickname
  • Yellow Discord Donator Chat Color
  • Reserved slots (WIP)
  • 20$+ Donators receive a Purple Donator Chat Color

Click Here To Donate

You can "gift" people donator rank

Do NOT tick "Paying for good or service" as this is a donation, not a product

Make sure you add a link to your steam account It looks like this or this

After sending the donation inform Rain on our Discord