DS1307 RTC Library

The DS1307 RTC (Real Time Clock) is one of the most used clock devices and it has been with us for many years. It operates with an I2C interface, which means only two wires are needed from the microcontroller to it. This is sometimes a requirement if using a microcontroller with few pins.

The Positron8 Compiler library allows both the time and date to be written and read to/from the DS1307 device and also has procedures to give names to the day and month. Making the time and date very clear to read. The library and a demo program can be downloaded from here:
Positron8 DS1307 RTC Library. The zip file also has a Proteus simulation project so you can see the device working ASAP.

Below is a screenshot of the demonstration program working within the Proteus Isis simulator, and bleow that is a video of the program showing the time updates.