Proton BASIC Compilers

Powerful and easy to use BASIC compilers for 8-bit PIC and 16-bit PIC24 and dsPIC microcontrollers.

For more details please contact me. 'Les' at

This site will host source code and tutorials for the Proton and Proton24 compilers, showing how to do simple things like flashing LEDs, to Echo units, Graphic LCDs, and all sorts of peripheral chip interfacing. So let's have some fun!

The compilers can be downloaded from here:

Proton BASIC Compilers Setup

The compiler manuals can be downloaded from here, although they are installed with the compilers:

Compiler Manuals

For those interested in what the Proton compiler is, and what its code looks like, all the sample codes that get installed with the compiler are available here:

And here for the Proton24 compiler, which is installed with the 8-bit Proton compiler: