Latin American Politics and Society, 2018, 60(2): 41-60.

Working Papers

  • Crime and political effects of a concealed carry ban in Brazil

Presentations: University of Illinois | George Mason University | APPAM Fall conference | MPSA Annual Conference

[Available here]

Media: O Globo, Brazil Talk

  • Does voting technology affect clientelism and political outcomes?

Presentations: University of Illinois | The University of Toledo | Washington University in St. Louis (10th EGSC) | Polmeth 34th (poster) | APSA 113th (poster)

[Available here]

  • Electronic voting and Social Spending: The impact of enfranchisement on municipal public spending in Brazil (with DiloĆ” Athias and Mauricio Bugarin)

Presentations: University of Illinois | University of Minnesota | Universidad EAFIT | Washington University in St. Louis | University of Lisbon | ANPEC

[Available here]

  • The Impact of Political Representation on the Provision of Public Goods and Services (with DiloĆ” Athias)

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