Current Tag Info

Tag Rules:

  • If you leave before tags are given out, you are automatically given the highest number tag, regardless of score.

    • If more than one person leaves, the first to leave gets the highest tag, second gets the second highest, etc.

  • Each person is responsible for signing in and turning in their tag at the beginning of each event.

  • Tags are fair game at any time, on any course, but it must be agreed upon that tags will be exchanged before the first person tees.

  • If tags are exchanged after our last meeting of a month, but before the next month begins, you MUST let us know so standings are calculated accurately.

  • Tags will be exchanged at all Tuesday singles.

  • Attendance at least 1 time per month is required, standings will be adjusted based on attendance. (Due to holidays and night golf, November and December will be calculated together)

  • Monthly standings are based off of the tag you have at the last event of each month, and if you attended an event that month.

In the sheet below, a black box is there for members that bought their tag later in the year. A grey box means you have a tag, but didn't attend that month.

20-21 Tags