Club Rules and Joining

Club Rules:

Have Fun!

Alcohol and any illegal substances are NOT permitted during club play.

All club events will be ran by two individuals.

  • Tuesday (Stuart Neal & Jimmy Ables)
  • Thursday Night Doubles (Robby Hayner & Derrick Plummer
  • Saturday Doubles (Robby Hayner, Nathan Mullet, & Jason Betlow)
  • Monthly (Jimmy Ables & Stuart Neal)

The club schedule will be set as far into the future as possible.

  • Tuesday Night Singles (Every Tuesday year-round)
  • Thursday Night Putting League (November-March)
  • Thursday Night Doubles (April-September)
  • Saturday Doubles (Second Saturday every month)
  • Monthly Event (Last Saturday every month)
  • All dates and courses are subject to change


  • Tuesdays are free to play
  • Thursday Putting League & Doubles $5
  • Monthly events are $5
  • Saturday Doubles are $5.

Ace Pools:

  • Each event will have it’s own ace pool that will cost $1
  • Ace pools are always optional.
  • Pay-to-play pools are ONLY available to those who pay to play.
  • Ace pools will be capped at $100, and a new pool will begin.
  • No more than $100 will be available for an ace at any time.

Cash CTP:

  • Each event will have an optional $1 cash CTP.
  • 1 hole will be selected before the round.
  • The person closest to the pin during the round gets the pool.

To Join:

Currently the only way to become an official member is to buy a bag tag for $10.

We want to include everyone, so even those without tags are welcome to play with us anytime.

You can find us on Facebook

Membership is $10 for the calendar year (Price is dropped to $5 for Oct-Dec)

The only membership requirement is to play at least ONE round a month.

Each Month has a minimum of 6 events to pick from.

Feel free to look around our site, and if you would like to get on our email list, please fill out the form below. You will receive a one time general information email.

After that, we won't spam your inbox, just a weekly email on Monday to let you know where we are playing that week.