The service cs pathway

CS-4-Service High

Over the last six years Service HS has been expanding its offerings in computer science in order to provide students with a fully-formed CS Pathway. Incoming freshmen will be one of the first to be able to take a computer science course every semester of their high school years.

Use the interactive graphic below to explore the current course offerings at Service High in the area of computer science.

Students around the nation are being encouraged to take computer science courses as it is becoming enmeshed in most disciplines and computational thinking is increasingly being recognized as an essential mindset.

Students can enter computer science from a variety of gateway courses including 3D Animation & Modeling, Game Design and Development, and even AP Computer Science Principles. All of these courses assume no prior coding experience.

For those interested in exploring or pursuing a career in computer science, we have two amazing courses: Cybersecurity and AP CSA. The first is to provide students a view of the various disciplines within Cybersecurity and start providing them with tools to become ethical hackers. The second course is coding-centric and is for any student who has a passion for coding and strong algebra skills.

Visit the course page for any of the courses you might be interested in to learn more about what is covered or explore the interactive graphic below to find out more.

Please reach out to Devon Roberts at with any questions concerning these courses.