The Support Team

The Team

Since our team is RoboSupport, we are called the support team as we will do anything in our power to make our robot the best it can be and the best out of the rest.

 Our team can be divided into 2 main parts:

We believe that these two groups will allow our team to be successful as the defined roles will lead to a synchronous team and heighten team responsibility and efficiency 

Each role includes a different set of responsibilities, which "supports" the team in its quest for winnings

Team Roles

The Builders: The main premise of this role is quite simple, design the robot and test the designs to find out the best, then implement it

The Programmer:  The goal is to program the robot to complete the entirety of the autonomous challenge

Outreach/ Marketing: The idea here is to fundraise money and earn sponsorships to fund the projects that the builders have, whether it is official through HR or through having bake sales and friendly negotiating.

Throughout the Year- Adding New Members

Of course a team should always look out for more people to introduce to the team. Especially considering our team was made in order to allow people who want to explore robotics and we would serve as people to guide them.

We have found fun ways to introduce the members of our team through regualr announcements through isntagram, which is one of the main ways we connect to the community