Ebook : Beyond Virtual and Hybrid Programs

Beyond Virtual and Hybrid Programs: How Libraries Recreated a Community During the Covid-19 Pandemic

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Chair: Mary Marques, Library Coordinator, Free Library of Philadelphia.

Committee members:
Adriana Blancarte-Hayward, Manager Outreach Services, The New York Public Library.

Roxana Benavides, Neighborhood Library Supervisor, Sunset Park Library Branch, Brooklyn Public Library

Susan Paredes, Community Library Branch Manager, Briarwood, Queens Public Library

Asunción Cora, Associate Manager, College and Career Pathways, The New York Public Library

Manuel Figueroa, Talent Development & Training Manager, Queens Public Library


Christopher A. Brown, Free Library of Philadelphia.

Amanda M. Leftwich & Stephanie Nnadi, Montgomery County Community College.

Danny Jimenez, Schomburg Center, The New York Public Library.

Lisa Melendez, Suffolk County Community College.

Elizabeth Jean Brumfield, Prairie View A&M University.

Terra Emerson & Zayda Delgado, Sonoma County Library.

Meral Agish & Natalie Milbrodt, Queens Memory Project, Queens Public Library.

Brandon Korosh, Mulberry Street Branch, The New York Public Library.

Christopher Marcum, University of San Diego, Copley Library.

Su Kim Chung, University of Nevada Las Vegas Libraries, Special Collections and Archives.

Evelyn Muriel-Cooper, The New York Public Library.