If you have a pet in need of help you have come to the right place.We specialize in providing information on how to set up proper habitats for reptiles, off site Adoptive Services, environmental systems for hard to care for animals, Referral to Veterinary services, Snake Handling Classes for Constrictors, Vivarium Building, Tannin removing filter systems, Rescue services and much more.
One example would be ' How do I deal with nuisance animals and pests like Skunks and Squirrels  'We can offer non lethal means for removal of such pests, that you can do your self with out having to pay anyone ! 
[ Tannins are natural organic matter that can result from nature's fermentation process as water passes through the ground in peaty areas or through levels of decaying vegetation. Tannins are typical found in shallow wells, in swampy or marshy areas as well as coastal areas.]
We also work with snakes, turtles and lizards that have been abused by and no longer trust humans to re establish that trust, how ever their is always that chance they may become aggressive and bite.
For more information about who to contact for adoptive services please see below or give us a call or send a message in the email under contact us if you need help.
Handicapped Pets, Bearded Dragons & Plated Lizards : please use contact us page. 
If you have a pet in need of medical care and are looking for a way to pay for it please consider applying for help paying for their medical bills here Pet Health Care
VCA Hospitals Referrals Here New Patients 
You can always contact us If you have any animal concerns and need a referral or help   413 391 2130
The following is just a short list of agency's, some are links to pages, this is vary true of the wild life rehabilitation list.Some of the agency's we know, some we have never spoken too.
Song Birds please contact new england wildlife center at (781) 682-4878
Fish, Wildlife, & Plant questions
Their is a list of sorts of wild life rehabilitation services separated into zones by the state of mass here 
If you see a environmental concern in Mass. please contact the environmental police at 617 - 626 - 1665Also contact them for any problems with Deer's, Bears or any other state managed populations.
You can also contact :Department of Conservation and RecreationTelephone: (617) 626-1250
Department of Environmental ProtectionTelephone: (617) 292-5500
Department of Fish and GameTelephone: 617.626.1500
Department of Agricultural ResourcesTelephone: (617) 626-1700
depending on your concern.
Predatory Bird Rescue Only : Tom 413 369 4072Eagles, Hawks, Vultures and Owls
If you are in need of a reptile / Avian [ bird ] or other specialty vet please contact the South Hadley VCA hospital at 413 539 - 9868 

If you have a reptile in need of emergency surgery or other emergency you can contact the Belchertown Veterinary Hospital 413 324 1138
Their is also Tufts in the Boston area for exoticslarge animals 508-839-7926, small 508-839-5395they are open 24 hours and offer emergency services.
If you are in the Boston area and need a good vet or if you live in the state of mass and witness animal abuse or cruelty please contact : MSPCA at 617 522 5055
In the Springfield mass area, if you need help for a Dog , Cat or other fur bearing pet please contact the following:The Dakin Society at 413 781 4000  ORThe Thomas J. O'Connor Animal Control & Adoption Center on 627 Cottage Street in Springfield, MA 01104Phone: 413.781.1484
westfield homeless cat project (413) 568-6964 

If your looking to adopt a pet or find a home and you would like to do it your self, please go to rescueme.org
You can place a 100% free add for adoption.