Jewelry Repair


Manufacturing Center

Jewellery and Metalworking Factory

Royal jewelry repair center, not just a private metalworking studio, over the past few decades through traditional jewelry metalworking plant transformation, now offers jewelry customization and maintenance services in the Beitun District in Taichung of Taiwan Province.

Jewelry repair

Common maintenance items: items linked training, make up stone inlay, rings around change, quick cleaning, maintenance and renovation of plating.

Unlimited brand / multiple precious metals discrimination and repair

Professional repair center, not limited to your jewelry brand (all kinds of jewelry at home and abroad), most of the precious metal jewelry on the market can serve you, subject to the judgment of a professional metalworker.

Common precious metals: 18K gold, 14K gold, S925 sterling silver, gold (pure gold jewelry), platinum... etc. (Other metals: stainless steel, nickel, copper... etc., non-precious metals require the master to judge the feasibility of repair on site.)

Professional Jewelry Repair Center

The most complete equipment and senior jeweler technical personnel

Orion Pulse Arc Welders

Jewelry Fiber Laser Engraving

Professional high resolution

Jewelry 3D Scanner

Phrozen 4K 3D Printer
For Jewelry Design

Pneumatic engraving (GRS)

Microscope setting

Electron microscopy
advanced inspection

Diamond Girdle

Viewer Microscope

High-level maintenance equipment

We insist on using the latest jewelry repair technology, no matter what kind of object, we will determine the most efficient repair method.

We provide professional electron microscope inspections, and experienced jewelry experts will make a diagnosis for your jewelry. Now as long as you join an online member, this test will be provided free of charge (available only in physical stores).