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About RJRC & GEM LAB Appraisal Report

RJRC & GEM LAB appraisal reports are divided into four types: Diamond Grading Report、Jade Report、 Gemstone Report and Jewelry Report. The  Diamond Grading Report covers unmounted colorless to near-colorless natural loose diamonds and colored diamonds. The Jadeite Jade Report distinguishes jadeite A, B, C and other imitations. The Gemstone Reportis for a loose gem stone, and the gem identification report only issues reports for natural gems (and provides identification of origin, possible man-made places and hot places). The Jewelry Report contains other types of gem products, suitable for inlaid jewelry, rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, brooches... etc. It can identify synthetic materials and imitation gems. The laboratory does not issue reports on rough stones (unprocessed mineral rough stones), and reserves the right not to issue written documents for certain items.

About  Professional  Laboratories

Gem Laboratory

         The Royal Gemological Laboratory is a private, independent gemological laboratory that is registered with the national and local governments and provides gemological testing and grading research services.

         The director of the gem laboratory of our institute has passed the laboratory quality management training (in accordance with the international ISO/IEC 17025). The equipment conforms to the standing specifications of the professional gem laboratory in the United States, and can effectively identify natural gems, artificial/synthetic gems and jade species.

Gem Identification Report

The characteristics of gemstones: carat weight, cut shape, size, color, clarity and whether there is no one to distinguish in the processing office.

Our team

Our laboratory is a gemological laboratory, adopts a rigorous attitude in all analysis processes, and provides accurate, fair and transparent analysis services for gems and all jewelry for the jewelry industry and its consumers.

RJRC is a professional team composed of professional gemologists, jewelry experts, and jewelry metalworkers who conduct all gemstone analysis. They are experts in their respective fields. They adopt innovative thinking, use the scientific and technological methods of gemology, and maintain the highest moral values. Level rating.

"RJRC & GEM LAB is independent gemological laboratory"

The members of the laboratory are experienced professional gemologists who have been visiting gem production areas and gold and silver jewelry processing for many years. We maintain professional justice in jewelry-related fields and are also professional members of international organizations.

Professional Gemologist certificate

Professional Gemological Laboratory

Identification instrument

Appraisal fee price list

All prices are quoted in U.S. dollars.

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Update date: December 31, 2018