1st Timothy 4:12


RISE will be held on Wednesday Nights from 6:30-8:00 with socials, service projects, and mission trips throughout the year.


First Baptist Church - 22526 Canoe Rd. Elgin, Iowa 52141

ATTENTION: Drivers are needed!!!

  • The youth Ski Trip is scheduled for Sunday, January 26th. We will meet at West Clermont at 11:30am.

Attached are the forms that need to be completed (I will pass these out at RISE, let me know if you want these email to you). Helmets are included with these forms at no additional cost. (Helmets are recommended.)

Fees: $29 Ski & Lift

$39 Snowboarding & Lift

Price includes hot dog, chips, dessert and drink. May want to bring a water bottle or extra $$.

Groups from other churches should also have at least one chaperone/driver.

Completed forms w/parent signatures and fee payments (cash or check-made out to Luther League) will be collected on Jan. 26th, before we leave. Mt. LaCrosse will only accepted one check payment for the entire group, which West Clermont Luther League will write. (This is why personal checks should be made out to our group. Receipts will be available upon request).

We need to know how many are going with our group by Monday, Jan. 20th, so I can let Mt. LaCrosse know. The group is scheduled to ski from 2-7pm with a hot-dog break around 5pm. Skiers should return around 9pm.

There may be an additional order for t-shirts in the future, please let us know if you are interested!