Who are we?

We are a consortium of intensive care physicians and researchers throughout Europe

While preparing for the most disrupting public health crisis in our time and receiving the dire reports from China, Italy and elsewhere, we were extremely grateful for all the data that had already been tirelessly collected by the physicians treating these enormous numbers of patients. This is our effort to contribute to the fight against this novel disease, through enabling information exchange between researchers throughout the world, thanks to the IT infrastructure support of the Swiss Society of Intensive Care Medicine.

The core project has been developed by the oxygen delivery and transport research group based at the Institute of Intensive Care at the University Hospital of Zurich lead by Dr. Matthias Hilty with Pedro Garcia and the help of our good friends, Dr. Jonathan Montomoli in Italy and Dr. Philippe Guerci in France.

Thank you all for contributing, next to your tireless efforts in the clinics in these demanding times!

PD Dr. M. P. Hilty, P. D. Wendel Garcia, MSc, Prof. Dr. R. Schuepbach, Dr. Dr. J. Montomoli, Dr. Ph. Guerci, Prof. Dr. T. Fumeaux