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2021-05-08 snapshot

2021-04-07 - Breaking the 3000 barrier!


A mathematical model to probabilistically predict the length of intensive care unit stay of COVID-19 patients based on the Swiss RISC-19-ICU data has been published by our colleagues from the University of Bern and the Cantonal Hospital of St. Gallen. Read the open access paper at

2020-12-02 - 2000 critically ill COVID-19 patients recruited and counting!


The initial report of the European RISC-19-ICU data has been analyzed and published at or We wish to extend a big thank you to the hard working colleagues in the participating ICUs that have taken part in the RISC-19-ICU Investigator group to make these and further insights into the novel disease possible.

2020-05-19 - We have reached the 1000 mark! Thanks to all collaborators for their unmeasurable work!


A description of the methodology used in the predictions for that includes Swiss RISC-19-ICU data has been published by the Van Boeckel group at ETHZ. Read the open-access paper at


Near real-time data from the RISC-19-ICU registry is used in a mathematical model developed at ETHZ to predict ICU bed capacity in Switzerland. For up-to-date information see


The RISC-19-ICU registry has obtained the mandate by the Swiss Society of Intensive Care Medicine (SGI/SSMI) to continuously collect a core dataset on COVID-19 patients admitted to Swiss ICUs. We hope to provide insights into the developing pandemic and contribute to informed decision-making through ongoing risk stratification.

New centers are continuously added, currently from France, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland


We are glad to announce that Prof. Thierry Fumeaux, President of the Swiss Society of Intensive Care Medicine, has joined the board of the RISC-19-ICU registry.
New centers added: Ancona, Italy; Nancy, France; University of Zurich, Switzerland


The registry went live! First patients are being added at the University Hospital of Zurich, Switzerland