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Whether you're interested in baby showers, afternoon tea, or bespoke floral design, Ripley House & Garden is a tea room and floral design studio ready to share its beauty with you.

Ripley by the Seasons

No matter the weather beauty is present in the workshops, gardens, and venues of Ripley House & Garden. Here's a peek at what our year looks like:


Early winter perfumes the workshop with mountains of fresh evergreens that are turned into stunning and lush wreaths, candle rings, swags, and roping for holiday decorations. With the proper care, these beauties will be around well into Spring and we've found that nothing beats an evergreen wreath for a birdhouse!

As the calendar turns and the new year begins, Spring fever hits hard and all our focus is directed towards planning the gardens and flower beds for the coming Summer.


There's nothing more uplifting while in the midst of a gray Ohio winter than seed catalogs and potting soil and, even if that dirt comes from a bag, you can bet we're in it up to our elbows starting seedlings and dreaming of the floral delights those tiny little seeds have in store.

As soon as the weather starts to warm, it's out to the gardens! The transformation that Spring brings is reflected by the cacophony of bird song, muddy boots in the breezeway, and green shoots of perennials racing towards the sky.

The burgeoning warm days and vibrant green buds entice us outdoors to partake in an afternoon tea on the porch or in the old farmhouse's cozy summer kitchen if the rain showers insist on stopping by.


Suddenly, everything's growing like a weed! Long summer days are spent outside tending to the garden, preparing for events, and taking in the early blooms- whatever excuse we can think of to bask in the warm sunshine.

Flowers are blooming, the Farmer's Market is in full swing, and the months of planning are finally coming to fruition as we welcome our guests to celebrate their weddings and parties hosted at our venue. The long days of summer are filled with a variety of happy events that make us so proud to call our little plot of land home.


Indian Summers are a regular here in Ohio and we couldn't be more grateful for the warm days and cool nights that allow flowers, vegetables, and events a little more time to have the spotlight and us to enjoy the glories of good family, friends, and nature.

Late Autumn finds us hauling in the bulbs, harvesting the bumper crop of veggies and flowers, and reflecting on a year full of hard work, celebration, and love. We carry those memories into our winter work and all through the next year.

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