What is RIO?

Rave It Out is a 5-panel rhythm game based on the Stepmania 5 engine. It aims to provide a new visual and gameplay experience with familiar controls and tracks.

Featured at CEO Gaming, streamed on Twitch, played by many!


Bill­board Hits of Every Genre

RIO sources its music from only the very top hits. You will know at least 2 songs.

Ori­ginal Gim­mick­y Step­charts

Our step­charts focus on ad­vanced tech­niques like scroll gim­micks, com­plex cross­overs, and other un­con­ven­tion­al styliz­ation.

Refined Theme & Custom­ization

Our team of graph­ic de­sign­ers and pro­gram­mers pro­vide a con­veni­ent and aes­the­tic­ally pleas­ing ex­peri­ence. Choose your note­skin and judg­ment graph­ics!

Stream Safe­ty Filter

Never worry about Con­tent ID and stream mut­ing with the fil­ter which dis­ables de­tect­able vid­eos and mutes de­tect­able aud­io.

4 Modes (and More to Come?)

Beginner Mode - Forgiving timing. Hand-picked easy charts.

Arcade Mode - Medium timing. All charts are available.

Pro Mode - Adds an extra level of precision called Amazin’ above Ravin’. Great for competitive play.

Mixtape Mode - Play through sets of songs in a row or test your skills.


Built using StepMania and using cross-platform development, Rave It Out is playable on Windows and Linux.