Rikki's Family Recipes

This website originated in 2018 as a means to share our family's favorite recipes with my oldest son in college, in an effort to encourage him to cook his own meals. I don't believe he ever looks at the site anymore, but now my husband uses it when he needs cooking inspiration on nights when I'm not home to cook. I feel that being able to cook homemade meals is empowering; I can't imagine being reliant daily on take-out or premade meals from the store to feed myself, my husband or our kids. Very few of my recipes are complicated or time-consuming.

I'm not going to pretend that all of my recipes are healthy. Please keep in mind that for many years, I cooked for two teenage boys who, at times, had morning swim practice before school, then a full day of school, then back to swim practice and weight lifting for another three hours. Just think for a minute about how many calories a teenage boy burns on such a day.

I hope you will enjoy trying some of our family favorites. Because we live in a cool climate -- the Pacific Northwest -- you will likely notice that many of my recipes are warming foods like chili and soup. I like to share them for this reason: they are comforting and warming and satiating.

Happy cooking!